08 Feb 2018

Step away from the peel-off mat…

Step away from the peel-off mat…

Step away from the peel-off mat…

8th February 2018

Peel-off mats, are you still using them to protect your controlled or sterile environment? Are they not working the way you’d like? Have you thought about a non-disposable option?

Many businesses are now choosing to switch to a longer-term solution than peel off or tacky mats, not just because of the environmental implications.

Dycem Contamination Control floor mats service various companies in the Pharma, Biomedical, Nutritional, Packaging, Healthcare, Electronics, Optical sectors, as well as many more.

Contamination Control-Zoning and coverage are two factors for the flooring in many establishments that have cleanrooms or facilities requiring protection from contamination. Having clear visual communication technology that signals the difference in areas in changing rooms, entrances and hallways can help to encourage better practices, avoid human error and actively guide footfall to allow for the maximum possible decontamination of foot & wheel traffic.

This is not just vital in Pharmaceutical or Biomedical facilities. Even for food processing and packaging facilities there is a clear need to mark out areas where staff must pay additional attention to their hygiene.

Our floor mats fully customisable. Dycem can be customised to reflect not only the differences between zones through the use of colour but also with VCT to guide footfall, company logos/branding and custom edging to suit all needs.

The flexibility of Dycem products also extends to size. Because Dycem can be a fitted long term solution, or a customisable mat available in a number of sizes, there is a Dycem solution designed to meet the needs of your facility.

Do peel off or tacky mats effectively cover your entrance/exit points between controlled areas? Are you getting 3 full footsteps in order to remove the maximum amount of particles?

If the answer to all these are no, then Dycem is the solution you need.

Dycem - better than peel off matsThe daily peeling of mats can make your standard operating procedures complicated and time consuming. Not only do daily peels require the attention of a member of staff, they must also be disposed of properly and safely. Dycem CleanZone and WorkZone floor mats are a washable flooring solution, which are easy to clean. Less waste to manage, better for the environment and less time consuming.

All of our products are protected by Biomaster; a silver ion technology that actively inhibits the growth of bacteria. Our custom made and washable systems can easily be built into your protocol, to simplify your SOPs and provide a complete and sustainable zonal concept. No more daily peels and complicated disposal procedures. With Dycem you have total control.

Interested in Dycem? Call today on +44 (0)117 9548 721 or email us at contact@dycem.com and your enquiry will be directed to your specific Dycem representative.


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