29 Mar 2018

Dycem Contamination Control – Anti-Static Technology [Prevent Electrostatic Discharge]

Dycem Contamination Control – Anti-Static Technology [Prevent Electrostatic Discharge]

Dycem Contamination Control – Anti-Static Technology [Prevent Electrostatic Discharge]

29th March 2018

A large number of world-leading organisations, such as Continental, ROHM, Techrepair, Micronit and Saab, have all implemented Dycem’s anti-static flooring for its static control benefits.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) flooring absorbs static electricity which can otherwise harm electronic components and cause catastrophic equipment failures.

Where typical ESD or anti-static flooring solutions only tackle static discharge, Dycem contamination control flooring traps it, and neutralises it.

The other benefit that comes from implementing Dycem flooring as a static control measure is that it is able to trap and retain particulate matter to prevent further failures from occurring as a result of dust and dirt contamination.

Fighting dust and dirt

IT industry research has concluded that up to 70% of computer-related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. If ignored, it can cause widespread damage in data centre environments.

People are a major source of contamination, transferring dust and dirt from their clothes, and especially shoes, into critical environments. When placed at entry points to controlled zones, Dycem creates an unavoidable barrier for large particles, which can otherwise create static through dust.

Bespoke solutions

In addition to a range of fixed contamination control solutions, Dycem’s anti-static Access tile range helps to reduce data loss, hardware failure, dust explosions and zinc whiskers by preventing dust and dirt from entering your system.

Available in two options, Dycem can be easily and quickly installed in your facility with your exact contamination control requirements in mind.

Inlaid Access Tile

The inlaid access tile, containing pre-applied Dycem, replaces your existing tiles, forming an ideal option where a seamless flooring solution and regular access to cabling is required.

Retro Fit Access Tile

The retro fit access tile can be easily and quickly installed on top of your existing tiles and comes with a complete outer edging system to allow unnoticeable transition on and off the tiled area.

If you would like to discuss contamination control options for your facility, simply get in touch for a free site survey today.

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