06 Mar 2018

Dycem’s Two-Tone Systems [Tacky Mat and Peel-Off Mat Alternative]

Dycem’s Two-Tone Systems [Tacky Mat and Peel-Off Mat Alternative]

Dycem’s Two-Tone Systems [Tacky Mat and Peel-Off Mat Alternative]

6th March 2018

Dycem’s two-tone systems have proven an extremely popular way to inhibit contamination growth for our customers as a way of improving their Standard Operating procedures, making them an ideal system and solution for sites with heavy traffic, and strict auditing bodies.

Could your site benefit from a two-tone system?

• Simple workflow areas identified by colour coded Dycem, ideal for clean rooms, gowning areas and heavy traffic areas.

• Easy to keep clean, and highlights how well Dycem is working at retaining dust and dirt.

• Improved awareness from your staff that they are entering a critical access point.

• Identifiable by auditing standards as part of a well-maintained health and safety standard

• A full traffic light system can be used to identify different area classifications.

The two-tone is effective in almost every application, whether you use a clean room, air shower or a wet cleaning system.

At  Micronit, Netherlands, A two-tone system was created and installed wall-to-wall in the facility’s changing booth, to ensure that the Z-Effect traffic flow was safely contained.

”I had been looking at Dycem for a number of years”, says Tom Hassing, COO of Micronit Microfluidic, “and due to demand, it was well worth the wait.”  Micronit now has a sustainable system for their contamination control needs for three years or more.

Other examples of a two-tone system have included up to 5 different Dycem colours being selected to improve Standard Operating Procedures.

If you would like to discuss our two-tone options, contact your local representative or for general enquiries.

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