Category: White Papers & Studies

An evaluation of the risk of using peel-off mats  (more…)
Effective reduction in the microbial count in Cleanrooms with the use of polymeric mats  (more…)
An evaluation of the effectiveness of polymeric flooring compared with “peel-off” mats  (more…)
New cleanroom gowning area technology proves to be beneficial  (more…)
Time lapse photography to demonstrate the potential antimicrobial abilities of Dycem contamination control flooring.  (more…)
The use of polymeric flooring to reduce contamination in a clean room area.  (more…)
Independent report conducted by Ponemon Institute  (more…)
Controlling and monitoring biosecurity on vivarium floor surfaces  (more…)
An evaluation of polymeric flooring and its effectiveness in controlling airborne particles and microbes  (more…)

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