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Biomaster integration in Dycem Antimicrobial Mats

Biomaster - Dycem

Biomaster, is an antimicrobial ingredient which is incorporated into Dycem contamination control flooring during manufacture.

By incorporating Biomaster, Dycem mats and flooring become effective in inhibiting the growth of antimicrobial contamination, due to Biomaster containing silver ions. Silver has been used for hundreds of years to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Having a low toxicity makes Biomaster ideal for all applications. You can put your trust in Dycem knowing that we use this highly effective additive in all our products.

Silver ion technology has been independently tested in over 2000 applications and has been proven to reduce the growth of over 50 harmful organisms by up to 99.9%.

Unlike some agents, Biomaster is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. When added, it is dispersed throughout the entire item and becomes an integral part of the product.

Silver is inorganic and non-leaching which means, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies it stays within the item it is added to and provides effective and lasting protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.

Dycem Mats with Biomaster

Dycem floor mats are specifically designed for installation in highly sensitive clean, controlled and sterile working environments.

Our mats are used to prevent contamination and cross- contamination on many levels from foot and wheel traffic as well as airborne particles.

Antimicrobial floor mats and contamination control floor mats are made to trap and inhibit the growth of contaminants, that can be carried into a room on your shoes, feet or that are released into the atmosphere at any given time.

Working with Biomaster’s active agent technology, Dycem mats inhibit the growth and multiplication of bacteria and various other microbes. Whilst helping to disinfect your clean areas at the same time.

Our mats are used in a variety of different industries and cleanrooms, where they can be customised to suit your needs, whether it be in sensitive production sites or critical manufacturing areas within your industry.

As Biomaster is added to Dycem during manufacture, it is not something that can diminish, providing a longer lasting effectiveness against microbial growth.

When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the silver ions prevent them from growing, producing energy or replicating, therefore their threat is minimalised.

Dycem Mats Inhibiting the growth of Germs and Bacteria

Antimicrobial floor mats are mainly used to prevent contamination in various sterile working places. They usually accomplish this feat by trapping and destroying bacteria, fungi, and other germs. Dycem Floor mats with Biomaster provide a powerful formula that resists a wide-ranging variety bacteria and fungus.

Our mats can be installed in various facilities and environments where all kinds of bacteria and microbes are transmitted in vast quantities by the patients. If you need some highly effective contamination control solutions to curb the spread and multiplication of these microbes. Dycem floor mats are designed to handle such microscopic threats for a very long time.

Trapping contaminants, dust, dirt and debris

Similar to an ordinary floor mat, which is solely used to trap dirt, moisture and debris from the soles of your shoes as you enter a building. Dycem floor mats work in the same way. Alongside the antimicrobial properties, the mats can be used to removed up to 99.9 % of contaminants. This is the ultimate way of preventing contamination in the workplace.

Highly sanitized commercial, industrial sites, clean, critical controlled and sterile areas should not have any dust or other particles flying around and, by using Dycem contamination control floor mats, you will be trapping the dirt and other debris as you enter these buildings, adhering to the policy and protocol.

Comfortable to Use, Comfortable and Easy to Maintain.

Our mats are anti-fatigue and easy to clean ensuring comfort and safety for the user, whilst also aiding with productivity.

The mats, as well as protecting your floor from scaring and scratching, ensure your subfloors remain damage free and are customisable and can fit to any area, any application or any environment.

Offering a wide range of colours to help project antiseptic and maintain uniformed looks for a facility, Dycem solutions are world leading and recommended by high quality professionals in a wide variety of industries.

How Biomaster Animicrobial Technology Works

  • Biomaster binds to the cell wall of an organism, disrupting and inhibiting growth
  • The Biomaster silver Ions then interfere with the enzyme production, stopping cell producing energy
  • Biomaster interrupts the cell’s DNA, preventing replication

You can find out more information on Biomaster and how it helps a variety of products, by clicking here. Or watch the video below.

Discover Dycem products today and find out how they can protect your business, your profits and your personnel from the consequences of contamination.


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