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Aerospace and Aviation

Contamination Control floor mats are widely used in Aerospace and Aviation manufacturing. Whether it be Molecular contamination or Particulate, Effective contamination Control is essential to the success of most aerospace and aviation programs due to the constant threat and presence of contamination.


Automotive Manufacturing Contamination Control in facilities and controlled environments, is essential to ensure that manufacturing areas and other facilities are kept free of contaminants. Whether it be Particulate contamination such as Dust and Debris in paint shops or ESD protection in manufacturing areas, Dycem Contamination Control Mats are widely used.


Contamination Control Floor Mats are used in Biomedical Facilities all over the world to reduce the risk of contamination. Dycem mats are widely used in Biomedical facilities due to their ability to be customised and reduce the risk of microbial contamination and pathogens.


Microbial Contamination Control and GMP in the cosmetics industry is needed to ensure products are manufactured to a high-quality standard. Dycem Mats ensure Cosmetics products are manufactured in a clean and orderly condition, sanitized at appropriate times, and stored in a manner that protects against splash, dust, and other contaminants.


Cleanrooms are rooms specifically designed to ensure control of the number of airborne particles within them is classified, and are constructed and operated to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room. Using Dycem Cleanroom Mats are essential for assistance in decontamination and if you are to stop contamination entering a Clean, Controlled or Sterile areas.

Data Centres

Data Centres are offered proven contamination, ESD and anti-static protection by Dycem products. Contamination can cause sever downtime in Data Centre environments, however using Dycem Access tiles and Floor mats, can ensure a superb way to adhere to contamination control protocol.


Dycem Contamination Control Floorings are dissipative in nature and support the removal of contamination from areas subject to ESD risk, preventing dust particles from disrupting component Manufacturing & Assembly lines.


Contamination Control Floor Mats for Food manufacturing and procedures are a big help to potential product threats and brands in their manufacturing processes. Safety and hygiene demands are creating a shift in the way suppliers are monitoring cross contamination risks. Knowing the right measures to put in place can often be an unenviable task. Discover How Dycem Floor Mats can help your Food Environment.

Hospital & Healthcare

Contamination Control in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities is a must. Find out here how Dycem contamination control floor mats help reduce the risk of infections as well as controlling the risk Physical, Chemical and Biological agents entering areas which are subjected to strict auditing and cleanliness regimes.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices Contamination Control Solutions can be the key to ensuring quality is maintained for manufacturers when developing and producing industry equipment. In recognition of the seriousness of risk of contamination, producers of medical devices are required to meet regulatory compliance standards for contamination control through manufacturing processes. Discover here how Dycem mats can help producers meet regulatory compliance protocol and ensure a reduction of the risk contamination poses to manufacturing.


Pharmaceutical Environments are both complex & diverse, ranging from Sterile Vaccine Production to Multi-Vitamins including levels of mass/batch production / packaging needs in between. Discover how Dycem products give you full cycle control from the start of manufacturing process, such as via raw materials, through to the finished, packaged products.

Work Safe Solutions

Work safe solutions from Dycem – Allowing for a safe return to work in the Hospitality Sector, Shared Workspaces and for Clinical Services. See how the use of Dycem Contamination Control Products help workers in these industry, get back working towards a new normal.


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