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Microbial Contamination Control and GMP in the cosmetics industry is needed to ensure products are manufactured to a high-quality standard.

Cosmetics can become harmful to consumers if they’re contaminated with harmful microorganisms, such as certain bacteria and fungi.

Maintained in a clean and orderly condition, sanitized at appropriate times, and stored in a manner that protects against splash, dust, and other contaminants.

You should determine whether personnel supervising or performing cosmetics manufacturing or control have the education, training, and/or experience to perform their assigned functions.

In the cosmetics sector, protection for your cleanrooms and associated controlled environments need to be set up to ensure microbial contamination factors and the concentration of airborne particles are properly controlled.

The cosmetics sector is one of the most diverse – with several activities, and include the manufacture of cosmetic products, analysis laboratories, and research and development laboratories.

It is mandatory to comply with cleanliness classes specified by ISO standards if you’re in the business of producing perfumes and cosmetics. There are several cosmetic products for which cleanroom technologies are applied during the production process.

They include:

  • Medical cosmetics, including ampoule concentrates, masks and washing gels.
  • Care cosmetics such as tonics, cream and fluids.
  • Perfumes, including toilet waters.
  • Decorative cosmetics which directly touch the mucous membranes or the skin, such as mascara, concealer, glitter on the lipsticks.

Why Should You Have a Contamination Control Program?

There is a regulatory expectation that manufacturers control microbiological attributes of the products in your cosmetic manufacturing environment.

Care has to be taken to ensure the products, which will be applied to human skin, are perfectly safe to use.

The cosmetics sector needs to meet precise requirements when it comes to contamination control.

Viewed as INTRINSIC, which Is where contamination inherent to the process, detected by lab testing of raw materials, in-process, and finished goods or EXTRINSIC, where contamination is that introduced to the product/process during manufacturing. It is vital to ensure the risk of contamination in the cosmetic products is reduced.

How Microorganisms Get into Cosmetics

Cosmetic firms are legally responsible for making sure their products are safe. Some of the ways cosmetics may become contaminated with bacteria or fungi are—

  • Contaminated raw materials, water or other ingredients
  • Poor manufacturing conditions
  • Ingredients that encourage growth of microorganisms, without an effective preservative system
  • Packaging that doesn’t protect a product adequately
  • Poor shipping or storage conditions
  • Consumer use, such as the need to dip fingers into the product

Sources may be:

  • Environment
  • Personnel
  • Utilities (water systems, HVAC, etc.)
  • Equipment

How Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats Can Help

Operations in the cosmetics industry need to be carried out in an environment with a high-level of cleanliness.

To ensure the highest possible cleanliness and hygiene of the products being produced, cleanrooms in this sector must adhere to specific criteria intended to drastically limit microbiological contamination.

Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats adhere to the strict microbial needs of the cosmetics industry.

At Dycem we have always endeavoured to develop high-quality products and services that ensure customer satisfaction is achieved and, wherever possible, exceeded.

The commonalities in area placement are not subjected to a fixed solution. Our diversity is customisation, installation method, size differs depending on critically, volume and aesthetics.

You can place Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats in:

  • Gowning Areas
  • GMP Entry / Exits to Production
  • SAS materiel
  • SAS Personnel
  • Cleanroom
  • Laboratory
  • Fill and Finish

Cosmetics Manufacturers who use Dycem :

 Contamination Control Floor Mats for Cosmetics 1  Contamination Control Floor Mats for Cosmetics2  Contamination Control Floor Mats for Cosmetics 3

Case Studies

A Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Company – Italy. (Via our Partner AC Supply).

Cosmetic Company Italy

The customer needed a protection of the passage of operators and entry into their break area. In one case, given that there were certified security doors that touched the floor, the positioning of the Dycem floor Mat had to be designed to measure, while in the second case, there were utomaitc dispencers of safety device, so a zone divisional system was needed underneathe.

 Contamination Control Floor Mats for cosmetics204932  Contamination Control Floor Mats for cosmetics 3343  Contamination Control Floor Mats for Cosmetics 344


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