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Data Centres are offered proven contamination, ESD and anti-static protection by Dycem products.

Reducing the risks are essential. The subjected danger from dust particles and further contaminants to environments and infrastructure in your data centre can interfere with and affect many protocols and processes.

What is a Data Centre?

Data Centres are dedicated spaces used to house computer systems, infrastructure and associated components, such as telecommunications, IT and storage systems.

Due to the way the world is evolving its way of communicating, connecting and networking, it is essential that a data centre can keep up with these needs, working to a capacity that not only enhances performance but that it also remains energy efficient.

With data security systems also a top concern in the industry, it is vital that a data centre offers a secure and contamination free environment to ensure high standards are maintained and that there is minimal chance of downtime occurring.

What kinds of contamination affect Data Centres

Data Centre industry research has concluded that up to 70% of computer related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. If ignored, it can cause widespread damage in within Colocation and Sensitive Data Holding Environments.

Contaminants can enter your data centre through air conditioning units, open doors, on clothes and anything else brought into the room. These, coupled with day-to-day activities that take place, such as maintenance duties and moving floor tiles can affect equipment through various forms, such as ESD attraction and gravity.

Contamination could also have an internal source, and affect productivity via air conditioning units, toner dust, packaging and construction materials such as zinc whiskers from electroplated steel floor plates.

Dycem Data Centre Contamination Dust Mat and Access Tiles

A large number of world-leading data centres, have all implemented Dycem’s anti-static, dust mat and access tiles for its ESD and static control benefits.

Typically, ESD or anti-static flooring solutions such as regular peel-off mats and tacky mats only tackle static discharge.

Dycem’s WorkZone floors and Access tiles are proven to absorb ESD, contamination and static electricity, by trapping and neutralise it, allowing for it to be cleaned away and disposed of appropriately, rather than being ripped and thrown away.

Cleaning In Data Centres

Find more information on Cleaning Dycem mats

Where to Place Dycem Protection in Your Data Centres

Our anti-static and esd preventative dust mats can be positioned in a variety to of areas to ensure reduction in the risk of contamination affecting downtime in your Data Centre:

We recommend:

  • Server Air Locks
  • Rack Entry and Exit Zones
  • Custom Corridor entry zones
  • Entry and Exit to server rooms.

Case Studies and Testimonials of Dycem Protection of Data Centers

Dycem floor mats offer a proven contamination control solution for data centres. Below are examples of some of the companies who use Dycem at their Data Centres:

Morrisons Data Centre

I purchased nearly 30 of the tiles, 6 years ago.
They are still there, in use, and as your tests proved
last year, they are working well – so thank you.”

Darryl Shears – Morrisons Data Centre

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