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Cleaning Dycem is easy and we have specially researched and tested methods to help ensure your mat can be cleaned for your industry. We also offer solutions that are compatible to use with your Dycem Mat. Whether it being wet cleaning, or just wiping down, our mats are straightforward to clean and remain tacky after every clean.

Mat Efficiency Testing (PCET)

We test your mat annually, ensuring it is still offering optimum contamination control support. When we conduct the PCET, Dycem will and arrange to visit your facility at a suitable time to suit you and your team. The aim of the test is to measure the effectiveness and the condition of your mat.

Hygiene Testing

Want to know how clean your facility really is? As part of our commitment to you we offer quick and easy ATP testing to give indications of hygiene and cleanliness in seconds. Available on request, the presence of contamination can be detected based on the measurement of adenosine triphosphate. The activity of cells is detected by the amount of ATP present. When ATP is brought into contact with the reagent combination luciferin/luciferase, a reaction takes place that emits light in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present.


Looking for a more permanent Dycem solution? We can install your mats for you. Dedicated technicians are on hand to ensured correctly within your facility. When a particular Dycem installation system has been purchased we ensure you are informed every step of the way so that we are able to travel to your facility at a time and date most suitable for you.

Service Contracts

Want to feel safe and secure when purchasing your contamination control products? With Dycem, we offer a total service package to maximise an effective working life for our products. Top – level assistance throughout your mat’s lifecycle, dedicated service technicians and so much more.

Site Surveys

Once we receive your request, we offer our customers the option to have a dedicated Dycem representative visit the facility where the use of our contamination control products are needed and provide a thorough analytical site survey, in order to detect the cleanliness of your facilities and where our product is best placed to suit you and your facilities.

Take A Trial

We offer you 30 days to trial a 60 x 60 square of Dycem for you to try and test how it would work in your Facility. We understand that installing Dycem sometimes requires the use and agreement of multiple members of a team, taking a trial allows everyone in your team get the experience of how Dycem products can have a positive influence on your contamination control protocol.


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