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Dycem Installation

With all our bespoke CleanZone and WorkZone systems, we have dedicated service technicians on hand to ensure Dycem is installed within your facility correctly. Our service technicians are highly experienced individuals who have been working in the flooring industry for a number of years, and are able to overcome any hurdle they come across to ensure the installation within your facilities are world class

When a particular Dycem installation system has been purchased we ensure you are informed every step of the way so that we are able to travel to your facility at a time and date most suitable for you. Our installation process involves:

  • Talking with our customers services manager regarding what date and time is most suitable for you to allow installation of Dycem
  • When a date has been set we will send you all the relevant forms that require completing so we are fully aware of what to expect when entering your facility
  • On the day of the installation, our service technician will arrive promptly and visit the area where the Dycem system has been delivered to ensure all the necessary items have arrived safely
  • During the installation the service technician will work as quickly and as efficiently as possible, whilst keeping you updated with their progress
  • Once the installation is completed the service technician will talk you through his overall progress, explain how to work with the Dycem system and also conduct a small training session with your cleaning team to ensure the fundamentals of cleaning Dycem’s surface is discussed


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