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Dycem Particle Collection Efficiency Test (PCET)

The Particle Collection Efficiency Test (PCET) has been tested solely on the following Dycem products:

  • CZ01 Cleanzone for For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic
  • CZ02 Workzone for large trolleys, pallet trucks and fork lifts

The PCET has been designed to effectively measure the particle collection and retention efficiency of the surface of both products during their effective working life.

Conducting the PCET

When conducting a PCET, Dycem will contact you and arrange to visit the facility to measure the effectiveness of Dycem and investigate its condition:

  • The contamination control specialist, whilst on site, will happily talk about the system installed, any questions you may have and conduct any further training that may be required regarding the Dycem system
  • Once the PCET has been conducted, you will receive a document detailing the results and any further comments from the contamination control specialist’s visit

Up to 99.9% of contamination being tracked into the cleanroom is prevented when using CZ01 & CZ02 due to Dycem’s unique polymeric compound with advanced ‘tri-layer’ processing technology.

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