Our commitment to you

Service Contract & Extended Warranty

With Dycem Contamination Control Zones in place you can relax in the knowledge that the threat of contamination is greatly reduced.

Dycem is internationally recognised under the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards, assuring you of top quality products, services, continuity of supply and support.

To maximise the effective working life of Dycem, we recommend our total service package.

The Dycem total service package comprises of:

  • Assistance throughout the life cycle of the Dycem.
  • Dedicated and experienced Dycem service technicians.
  • Our recommended cleaning products.
  • Training for your cleaners (cleaning regimes and procedures).
  • Regular particle collection efficiency tests and reports.
  • Deep clean to rejuvenate particle collection efficiency.
  • Highly responsive telephone customer support.
  • Minor repairs to your Dycem system if damaged.

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