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Dycem Contamination Control News and Information

The best place to find up to date news and information from Dycem Contamination Control More

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Disposable Tacky Mats – Switch to Dycem Today

Disposable Tacky Mats are costly, hazardous and of low quality. Time to consider an alternative for your clean, critical and controlled environments. More

Reduce Using Single-Use Plastic with Dycem [Contamination Control]

Contaminated plastic waste is harmful to your environment, therefore by using disposable peel-off mats and plastic overshoes you are causing harm to your environment. More

Electrostatic Discharge Protection [Dycem ESD Floor Mats]

Electrostatic Discharge Protection at floor level is essential in ensuring electrostatic charges don’t affect productivity. Switching to Dycem ESD Floor Mats can help in a variety of ways. More

Dust Explosions- A Contamination Risk [Interview with the Experts]

Dust explosions remain an under-reported issue, but a very real concern in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industry. More

Dycem Contamination Control – Anti-Static Technology [Prevent Electrostatic Discharge]

A large number of world-leading organisations, such as Continental, ROHM, Techrepair, Micronit and Saab, have all implemented Dycem's anti-static flooring for its static control benefits. More


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